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UPS Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a UPS system is the difference between the amount of energy that goes in versus the amount of useful energy that comes out of the UPS to power the load.

All UPS lose some energy which escapes as heat when the energy passes through internal components like transformers, rectifiers and inverters etc…

Compared to traditional 6 or 12 pulse machines, modern high efficiency UPS systems are typically around 8% more efficient. With lower heat (waste) output, air conditioning systems then consume less power and the savings increase further. This graph clearly demonstrates the financial benefits that can be realised through upgrading to a modern efficient UPS system. A 100kVA UPS system running at 80kW, with 10 year design life batteries and with an 8% efficiency advantage would provide a full return on investment in just over 2 years. Over a 5 year term, the user would save over £44,000!


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Energy Savings Example

Based on 80kW at £0.10 per kw/h

Note - Savings are cumulative and take into account reduced air conditioning costs based on 0.33kW per 3500BTU